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Very symbolic

I feel bad for them, just when it was starting to look up for them that the hate between the two species would drive the two apart. I'm guess the change of the cat's scarf to gray was showing how grim the situation was starting to turn into while the girl was still stuck in the world where she and the cat could be together. I hope the two can hop on a plane to paradise someday, but it looks like the community will have to change it's outlook on their relationship before paradise can really be a place they call "home". Very great animation even though most of it was panning still-images. It drives home the point that we should judge a person's relationship with someone else as bad just because they're different.

I cant wait for step 5. 10 and 5

Great stuff

other then the great dane's weird head movement when it barks, it's a very smooth animation. I love all the details you put into the dog's facial expressions and the realistic stretching of the ball when the dog is chewing it. :3 Great job! 5 and 10

Pretty good

The only problem i had with this was the fact you couldn't hear the angel talk without turning up the volume, even then the sound effects would make you go deaf with the volume up so high. Graphics were pretty good, i thought it was funny that the charcters had no hands. XD Subtitles would've made up the lack of volume for the VA's. :3 good job Gallo. 5'ed

Galloglasses responds:

LIES! Thank ye, and Merry Christmas! :3

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that's awsome IVAN

total awsomeness!! make more GS music!!! let the fans relive the game in music!! ^__^ a perfect 5!

it's okay

the bass was a bit excessive. tone it down and it sounds good.

wow, nice opening

impressed me alot. very good job on catching my attention in the beginning. i wish the battle theme was a bit more diverse in the game. XD lol, great job anyways. im downloading this when i get my own computer. ^__^

Bezo responds:

Cool. Get a Mac. PCs suck ass.

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