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If any flash artist is interested I do free music for animations. Currently I only have one finished flash and flash game that have used my music. The recent one being AJax's "Fetch" animation, a tribute to her Great Dane who passed away this year. The flash game was MentalMyles' dumpster collector (or something like that xD).

Hopefully within this year or so, some of my pieces will be featured in Rtil's "Freetown" project. I'm looking forward to seeing what scenes he will use some of my tracks for, but for now, it looks like I'm gonna have some polishing up to do. So stay tune for more info on that (as if anyone even looks at my page, lol at the lack of an icon) I might enter that Madness music contest, but it looks like i'll be heavily out-done by the pros in the music portal (it's so hard being a classical composer sometimes...)

So, yeah, i'll update this thing at least once a year. :/ I might possibly upload my fish flash here after i color it, but no one wants to see that on Newgrounds. xD

So if you want some music, feel free to PM me, i'm bored as hell right now. :/

heh heh..

2007-09-29 11:08:08 by Chippy-chan

heh, well looks like i'll make use of this account here on newgrounds. although speical editions of the song you hear here won't be avalible, i'll try my best to give you guys some material for your flashes and such. You can listen to most of my stuff on my sheezyart account, My SA Page ! Thanks again guys!